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 • Prices are given in euros incl. VAT 21% ;

 • Sections Compatible models includes only the most popular laptops that are compatible with this particular keyboard ;

 • Before purchasing please compare your old keyboard’s details with visible in picture, for example, location of brackets, signal cable length, width and location, key form and layout  etc. - keyboards may differ on same laptop model; it’s desirable to check compatibility, contacting us;

 • Keyboard replacement on some laptops needs additional skills; in such cases it is desirable to entrust this process to us ;

 • Did not find keyboard for your laptop? Not sure about compatibility? Want to know how much cost replacement? Contact us !

Keyboard CNBA5902687CBIL904R US Samsung N145/N150 White
32.00 Eur
Keyboard 9Z.N4PSN.31D US Samsung N210 Black
32.00 Eur
Keyboard CNBA590307 US Samsung NP300 Black
23.00 Eur
Keyboard 9Z.N5LSN.001 US Samsung R525/ RV510 Black
29.00 Eur
Keyboard 9Z.N4PUN.A0U UK Samsung X128 Black
29.00 Eur
Keyboard 9Z.N6ASN.001 US Samsung RF710 Black
32.00 Eur
Keyboard 9Z.N5QSN.00U US Samsung RF510 Black
36.00 Eur
Keyboard V102360GK1 UK Samsung R470 White
32.00 Eur
Keyboard V072260BK1 UK Samsung R453 Black
39.00 Eur
Keyboard V020660AS1 US Samsung R519 Black
36.00 Eur
Keyboard BA59-03526A US Black Samsung NP535
36.00 Eur
Keyboard CNBA5902942 US Samsung NP-RV515 Black
25.00 Eur
Keyboard BA75-04478C US Samsung NP370 Black (without frame)
35.00 Eur
Keyboard V127660AS1 US Samsung NP300E4A Black
33.00 Eur