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 • Prices are given in euros incl. VAT 21% ;

 • Sections Compatible models includes only the most popular laptops that are compatible with this particular keyboard ;

 • Before purchasing please compare your old keyboard’s details with visible in picture, for example, location of brackets, signal cable length, width and location, key form and layout  etc. - keyboards may differ on same laptop model; it’s desirable to check compatibility, contacting us;

 • Keyboard replacement on some laptops needs additional skills; in such cases it is desirable to entrust this process to us ;

 • Did not find keyboard for your laptop? Not sure about compatibility? Want to know how much cost replacement? Contact us !

Keyboard US NSK-FDABN MSI GF63 series (with red backlit)
59.00 Eur
Keyboard US NSK-FFNBN MSI GS66 (with backlit)
85.00 Eur
Keyboard US NSK-FG0DBN MSI GF76 Katana (with red backlit)
55.00 Eur
Keyboard MP-08A76D0-359 DE MSI U100 Black
35.00 Eur
Keyboard MP-09B56D0-3591 DE MSI X340 White
35.00 Eur
Keyboard MP-09B56GB-359 US MSI X340 Black
45.00 Eur
Keyboard V111922AK3 US MSI GE70 Black (without backlit)
48.00 Eur
Keyboard US V143422BK2 MSI GL72 (with backlit)
55.00 Eur