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 • Prices are given in euros incl. VAT 21% ;

 • Sections Compatible models includes only the most popular laptops that are compatible with this particular AC adapter ;

 • Most of adapters are packed with power cords; if not, it will be described ;

 • Did not find AC adapter for your laptop? Not sure about compatibility? Contact us !

AC adapter Micro USB 2A
12.00 Eur
AC adapter 19V/120W Asus/ Toshiba/ HP (replacement)
45.00 Eur
Original AC adapter 19V/65W Dell PA-12
35.00 Eur
AC adapter 20V/90W IBM/Lenovo Slim Tip (replacement)
25.00 Eur
AC adapter 19V/90W HP Pavilion DV6000 (replacement)
25.00 Eur
AC adapter 20V/65W IBM/ Lenovo ThinkPad (replacement)
25.00 Eur
Car AC adapter 65W Acer Aspire S5/ S7/ Samsung ChromeBook 5
25.00 Eur
AC adapter 12V/36W Microsoft Surface 3 Pro (replacement)
29.00 Eur
AC adapter 19V/45W Asus VivoBook X201 (replacement)
27.00 Eur
Original Delta AC adapter 19V/65W Acer
35.00 Eur
AC adapter 19V/90W Asus/ Toshiba/ MSI (replacement)
25.00 Eur
AC adapter 16.5V/60W Apple Magsafe 2 (replacement)
39.00 Eur
AC adapter 19V/30W HP Mini 1100/ Asus ZenBook UX21
25.00 Eur
AC adapter 19V/60W PP009C HP Envy/ Pavilion/ TouchSmart (replacement)
25.00 Eur
AC adapter 19V/65W PPP009D HP SleekBook 15 (replacement)
25.00 Eur
AC adapter 19V/90W HP (replacement)
25.00 Eur
Car AC adapter HP 90W with 2 USB outputs
26.00 Eur
AC adapter 19.5V/90W Sony (replacement)
22.00 Eur
Original AC adapter 19V/90W Dell YY20N
39.00 Eur
AC adapter 16V/72W IBM/Lenovo
18.00 Eur
AC adapter 18.5V/85W Apple (replacement)
32.00 Eur
AC adapter 12V/45W Microsoft Surface Pro (replacement)
27.00 Eur
AC adapter 19V/90W Samsung
25.00 Eur
AC adapter 19V/30W Acer Aspire One
23.00 Eur